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Adam Scott Continues to Tease 'The Greatest Event in Television History

Shrouded in mystery, the Adult Swim program promises it will blow the minds of every single viewer.

What is The Greatest Even in Television History? More importantly, with a name like that, does it even matter?

Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott has used Twitter to tantalize his loyal following with the occasional, beautifully composed still photo of himself and good pal (and Friends With Kids co-star) Jon Hamm, with each shot featuring the pair decked out in some sort of high-class garb and facial hair. But still, mysteries abound.

There has been little-to-no explanation of what he is teasing; all we know for now is that, for 15 minutes, starting at midnight, the pair will recreate some sort of classic television moment, adding an extra dash of handsome to boot.

What moment could it be? Judging from the mustaches, perhaps something from Magnum P.I. Or maybe, from the looks of this photo, they're recreating M*A*S*H in someone's home?

Tune in to Adult Swim, home of such seminal series as Children's Hospital, at midnight on Thursday to find out.

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