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ontdparksandrec's Journal

ONTD Parks and Recreation
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We need to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles, and work.

Welcome to ONTD Parks and Recreation!

We are an ONTD community for the amazingly awesome NBC show Parks and Recreation. Here you will find news about your favorite stars, discussion and viewing posts. Follow us on twitter! @ONTDParksandRec


1. Posting: If your entry is too big to fit the layout/take up most of the page then it should be placed behind a cut. This includes:

- Multiple videos
- Lots of/Large photos
- TL:DR Articles

2. Sources: Try to include a source or at least mention one. Not a huge deal but we'd like to make sure all things are legit. Spoilers are a different issue since some are word of mouth.

3. Spoilers: All spoilers should be placed behind a cut with a spoiler warning in new posts.

4. Downloads: We accept all downloads for episodes, etc BUT make sure all download posts are locked.

5. Fan Work: We welcome all kinds of fan made things. If you made some icons, wallpapers, wrote a story, made a video, drew a picture, etc. feel free to post them.

6. We do NOT have moderated posting, but that can change if the power is abused.

7. Before posting, check the tags!

8. Remember that this is an ONTD community. People are going to have strong opinions. Keep that in mind before coming to the mods.